Accessibility Consulting

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OIT’s Disabilities and Computing Program offers consulting services to developers, content managers and the wider campus community so that they can produce accessible content in accordance with the University of California's Information Technology Accessibility Policy.

Website Accessibility Review Service

The OIT Disabilities and Computing Program consultants have a deep understanding and a long history of working with people with disabilities. Our consultants will work with you to review your website for compliance with the UC IT Accessibility Policy and the broader W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) AA Level of Conformance. Our engagement model focuses on performing a review of both your desktop and mobile presence; we will review your page structure, menus, images, tables, forms, and carousels on a sampling of pages for accessibility as well as review specific documents, images, or videos that you specify. We run a combination of manual and automated tests to make sure that everyone who wants to access your content can access your content.

Website and Application Requirements Specification Review Service

More often than not, accessibility is an afterthought that pushes scope and increases cost in the development effort. Our consultants will partner with your development team to ensure that your development effort is oriented toward accessibility and universal design from the start.

Terms of Service

Accessibility consulting is available for the UCLA community free of charge, but on a first-come, first-served basis. Consulting services to the UC community are available on a recharge basis, and externally at an external rate.

To learn more, please contact Chris Patterson at