App Publishing

OIT recommends leveraging the UCLA Mobile platform (ZAP) for standard campus mobile publishing needs.  In addition, MWS can provide a full-fledged service for building data driven unit/research initiative specific apps on a recharge basis.  However, the campus mobile toolset is not always the right solution for the job.  In which case, MWS at OIT manages the app store signing keys on behalf of the official UCLA presence on the Google Play and Apple iOS stores.

While we can assist you in publishing a mobile app, be forewarned -- undertaking publication of an official UCLA application requires significant investment of time and resources beyond pushing out a mobile app that will be accepted by Google or Apple.  It is the responsibility of the unit pushing out the app to understand their responsibilities under the law for all aspects of the application.  Here is a quick checklist (which may not be complete):

  • Consult with the Technology Development Group for intellectual property issues.
  • Set up a review with the Disabilities and Computing Program to ensure your app offers positive user experience for those with disabilities.
  • Check with Strategic Communications office and consult the UCLA Brand Website to ensure you are using the University name, branding elements and marks properly. 
  • Understand the security aspects of your app, and ensure compliance with IS-3(link is external), the UC Security policy.  You can further consult with UCLA's IT Security Website, or the Medical Enterprise Security website to determine if further reviews are needed.
  • Consult the Privacy website to understand if you need to set up a review with the Chief Privacy Officer or the head of Privacy in the UCLA Medical enterprise.
  • Meet with your app sponsors to understand any specific legal or risk requirements of the functional area of the app project (such as HR rules, laws that apply to certain functional domains, etc.)
  • If there are liabilities or areas of legal risk, consult campus counsel.

The purpose of this checklist is to share that when you come to MWS at OIT, we can help you publish the app no problem.  However, just because we can enable that does not mean that you have fulfilled the very serious requirements listed above. 

If you want to keep things simple - you can publish limited content on the UCLA Mobile platform which will take care of this for you.  To learn more, contact us at

If your unit or department wants to discuss publishing your own app under the official UCLA account, or to learn more about our official UCLA mobile platform ZAP please send email with some background on your needs to: