Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute

CESMII - The Smart Manufacturing Institute


On January 31, 2019, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) became the program home for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) sponsored Manufacturing USA, Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute (CESMII) headquartered in Century City, CA.  CESMII brings over $140 million in public-private investment from leading universities and manufacturers to focus on innovations that will advance U.S. manufacturing competitiveness, sustainability, and innovation. 

In partnership with the DOE Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO), CESMII brings together a consortium of nearly 200 partners from across academia, industry and non-profits – hailing from more than thirty states. CESMII is the 9th Institute of Manufacturing USA, a network of regional institutes, each with a specialized technology focus.

CESMII is a national network of Regional Manufacturing Centers (RMCs), each focused on local relationships with opportunities for national impact in the areas of technology transfer and workforce development. The power of this network is cross-linking resources, capabilities, and expertise across business, workforce, and technical focus areas, leveraging each region’s unique industrial environments. For more information, visit the CESMII website.

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