Campus Digital Citizenship

People walking past Pauley Pavilion on UCLA campus

Digital citizenship recognizes that the professional and personal aspirations of each student, faculty and staff are enhanced in a vibrant community of awareness, knowledge and ease in creatively using IT to do the best possible scholarship and that the UCLA community is a rich base of IT expertise, innovation and experience. Community Partnership Programs' role is to work with and mobilize the community to develop, direct, and lead campus-wide community partnership programs to advance “digital citizenship,” support exchange of IT innovation and capability, and establish solution-based community partnerships within UCLA and the external community. 

Current Community Partnership Programs include:

Digital Citizenship Programs

The Digital Citizenship programs listed are made possible by the IT Peace Corps, a group of BruinTech volunteers, who are committed to the overall goals of inclusion, goodwill, and development of independence and confidence for UCLA’s community of digital citizens. 

First Fridays

Created in partnership with the UCLA Emeriti Retirees Relations Center and the Library, First Fridays provides one-on-one technology assistance to our emeriti/retiree community. UCLA IT staff and students volunteer their time to sit with UCLA Emeriti and Retirees to help them make better use of modern tools in a stress-free, casual environment, allowing them to take the first steps toward feeling like a digital citizen. 


Just-in-time training is a vital to all audiences and is extremely helpful to staff. LearnIT provides a variety of online, 24/7 educational tools, classes, and books that allows everyone with a UCLA ID to access just-in-time training. Useful "bundles" of online functionalities identifies the steps and goals for individual success. Staff and others use it as a guide to understand what they really should know or be able to accomplish using technology, making the daunting task of “keeping up with technology” somewhat more manageable.

Student Technology Outreach

Community Partnership Programs has developed programs and events to solicit student feedback and ideas on the technology landscape on campus. These programs have allowed students to directly voice their comments to campus IT administrators, who are able to improve their systems based on student input. OIT also seeks to educate students on technology capabilities across campus and enhancing their overall experience with IT at UCLA.

SuperFriends IT Mentorship Program

The SuperFriends program is a two-part program for onboarding IT staff, provided in addition to the general CHR new employee services. The first part is a semi-annual orientation session focused on IT-specific topics that a new employee should know. The second is a buddy program that pairs incoming IT staff with experienced Bruins, who help familiarize new staff with UCLA technology processes, resources, and services on campus. 

Technology Speed-Dating

Community Partnership Programs, along with a handful of faculty and research specialists, conduct a form of “speed dating for technology” for faculty aimed at enhancing IT literacy and innovation among UCLA faculty and staff. Through the speed-dating format, attendees are introduced to free or low-cost productivity tools in 10-minute intervals that will help save them hours.