Educational Systems Strategy

OIT’s Director of Campus Educational Technology Systems & Administration participates in the institutional coordination, alignment, and development of IT system requirements, IT infrastructure, educational technology platform technologies and services, and their integration and application, which have direct impacts on online learning, intellectual property, copyright, and educational data analytics. The office is involved in numerous university and University of California systemwide initiatives including:

Online education

The use of online technology in education at UCLA has required analysis, investment, infrastructure and administrative development coordinated along with the academic program, pedagogy course delivery, quality, and assessment components. The role of the Director of Campus Educational Technology Systems and Administration includes addressing the new and rapidly growing institutional requirements, and at the same time, providing an interface and support to the academic and programmatic components that are led by the faculty, academic units, the Senate and the Office of Instructional Development.

UC Innovative Learning Technology Initiative (ILTI)

The Innovative Learning Technology Initiative (ILTI), a University of California Office of the President initiative, is a faculty incentive program to support increased online course development and teaching. The express purpose of the initiative is to expand the scope of UC-quality educational opportunities for UC students, particularly undergraduates, through fully online, cross-campus courses.

Online learning resources

OIT has collaborated with the Office of Instructional Development to create a website that provides information to faculty who are interested in incorporating online instruction into their teaching.

For more information, please contact Jim Williamson, Director, Campus Educational Technology Systems and Administration at or (310) 825-8692.