Pizza Treats & Privacy Tools

Location:  Charles E. Young Research Library, Main Conference Room
Thursday, November 8, 2018 - 11:00am

Join us for Pizza Treats and Privacy Tools to learn a ways to manage your privacy on your:

  • Smartphone: iPhone and Android
  • Social Media: Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit accounts, etc.
  • Web browsers: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.

This event aims to enhance IT literacy among UCLA students. The event is structured as a form of speed learning format. Volunteer IT professionals will run a series of 10-minute demonstration sessions on a number of online privacy enhancing tools and techniques.



11:00-11:15  -   Introduction

11:15-11:45   -  Session 1 – Three 10-minute rounds of demonstrations

11:45-12:00   -  Break 

12:00-12:30   -  Session 2 – Three 10-minute rounds of demonstrations

12:30-1:00    -   Lunch


Session Structure

5 roundtables will be setup in the room based on the below topics:

  • Password management: What is LastPass?
  • Social media best practices (Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit, etc.)
  • Internet privacy and safety (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.)
  • Mobile device best practices for iPhone and Android
  • How to setup a VPN at UCLA

Every 10 minutes, attendees will have a brief demostration of how to increase privacy in your settings and use technology to your advantage from an expert.  After 10 minutes, a bell will ring and attendees can switch to the next roundtable. You will have the opportunity sit at all tables during the event.  If you come late, don't worry just join the next roundtable switch.