Introduction to Data Visualization

Location:  IDRE Portal, 5628 Math Sciences Building, 520 Portola Plaza Los Angeles, CA 90095
Tuesday, January 14, 2020 - 2:00pm to 4:00pm

There are many ways to communicate the results of research. Visually representing data provides a valuable perspective within an academic argument. Data visualizations provide an overview or snapshot of a dataset, draw attention to outliers, demonstrate trends, or simply help us to understand our data better. Functioning as evidentiary support, data visualizations can sharpen key research findings. They can effectively transmit and help give meaning to big datasets. It should be noted though that there are both benefits and drawbacks to turning information into graphics, both practically and intellectually. In this workshop, we will cover why people may choose to visualize data. The workshop will expose participants to different types of data visualizations, show them how to choose the right chart or graph for their content, and share best practices for making those visualizations legible and accurate. With opportunities for hands-on work, the workshop will cover various data viz tools that can be used to help get the job done for a wide-range of research needs. 

There are no pre-requisite requirements to take this workshop, but please make sure to RSVP! Space is limited.

If you have questions regarding the workshop, please contact the instructor Francesca Albrezzi.