Governance Committees

Institutional IT Planning and Decision-Making Bodies

Three governance committees work together to create an overall framework for decision-making, prioritizing, funding, and implementing UCLA’s information technology projects and initiatives. They are the Information Technology Planning Board (ITPB)Common Systems Group (CSG), and Committee on Information Technology Infrastructure (CITI). For any given project or initiative, a committee of functional sponsors is formed to drive the project programmatically. 

UCLA has finalized the major organizational and process components of its IT decision-making and budget structure and process with broad executive commitment. The organization involves three standing committees providing key input on project and policy direction, project scope, impact and value, business models, resources and priorities.

Through a process established and overseen by the ITPB and CITI, and managed by the Office of Information Technology, a collection of projects, each with executive sponsorship, forms the recommendations on UCLA’s IT portfolio of campus-wide projects. The strategic, tactical and technical recommendations of these committees provide key campus input to the executive sponsorship on project definition and budget. Once finalized the IT portfolio becomes a set of project and budget recommendations that are submitted to the Chancellor, Executive Vice Chancellor and Vice Chancellor for Budget and Planning. 

Three committees are responsible for integrated, campus-wide recommendations on strategy and policy, budget and business, and technology, respectively:

The Information Technology Planning Board (ITPB), a joint faculty senate-administrative committee is charged with strategic planning and policy recommendations. The ITPB reviews the portfolio of institutional information technology projects to determine the strategic balance of overall resource expenditures vs. campus priorities and coordination of initiatives across Areas of Emphasis.

The Committee on Information Technology Infrastructure (CITI) originated as the Enterprise Computing Committee (ECC) which brought together the Vice Chancellors involved with Information Systems Transitional Infrastructure Plan (ISTIP) funding and projects. It is responsible for strategic and tactical planning, operational policy, and business and cost allocation models. The CITI is appointed by the Executive Vice Chancellor on behalf of the Deans and Vice Chancellors and members are academic and administrative directors responsible for business and fiscal aspects of IT applications and infrastructure.

The Common Systems Group (CSG) provides the technical expertise and operational perspective for UCLA’s IT governance process. The CSG is responsible for ensuring coordination between distributed and central IT activities. Membership in the CSG mirrors the campus’s administrative organization chart, with additions to reflect specific ex officio roles. Each Vice Chancellor, Dean, Vice Provost or other head of organization appearing on the chart appoints his or her organization’s representative. Appointees shall be vested with authority to represent their respective organizations for IT matters. Generally, an organization’s appointee will be its IT Director.