IT Governance Committees

IT Governance

Institutional IT Planning and Decision-Making Bodies

The campus IT governance process is an integrated approach to developing and implementing technological strategy and solutions that advance the university’s mission of research, education, and public service.

IT governance has roots dating back nearly two decades. Numerous academic scholars, administrative staff, and student representatives have weighed in on critical campus topics ranging from selecting an enterprise email solution to debating concerns about security cameras on campus.

Several groups contribute focused expertise and perspective to technology related issues facing the campus. The IT Governance and Oversight Board (GO IT Board) coordinates the governance process. They review projects and highlight concerns, facilitate discussions, seek domain expertise, and provide input for pressing technology related issues and campuswide projects.

The Common Systems Group (CSG) provides technical expertise and operational perspectives from both academic and administrative units. Their direct operational knowledge and experience contribute to meaningful risk/benefit analysis for campuswide projects. 

In addition, ad hoc subgroups are occasionally formed around specific topics and projects as needed.

Today's IT governance process is evolving. We are working hard to understand the intersection of the campus community's diverse needs and expectations and the realities of a rapidly changing technological world and the obligations of a public institution. We will continue to bring together various viewpoints for tackling great challenges, exploring ambitious opportunities, and creating innovative solutions for enhanced experiences throughout UCLA.

Note: The UCLA Board on Privacy and Data Protection (Privacy Board), IT Planning Board (ITPB) and the Committee on IT Infrastructure (CITI) have been sunset, but archives of their materials continue to be  available for reference.