Institutional Data Strategy

As stated in the draft of the University of California Learning Data Principles, the university recognizes that the data generated by faculty and students can provide important insights into institutional and instructional issues. The university has an obligation to provide these data to our researchers and to enable them to uncover new insights to learning and pedagogic practices and develop solutions that support our teaching and learning missions. As stakeholders begin to use this data, a structured set of principles is necessary to ensure the intentional or unintentional creation, ownership, computation, analysis, and outcomes of the data remain transparent, secure, and private, and is not exploited for unexpected uses without the owner’s awareness and approval, and subsequent ability to opt-in or opt-out and have their data purged.

University principles are currently being developed in the following areas:

  • Data Ownership
  • Data Access
  • Data Use and Ethics

The Office of Information Technology participates in and contributes to University of California and UCLA campus-wide discussions related to ownership of data within the campus research community to help provide guidance for policy development at both the UC and at UCLA.