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1. Who can I contact regarding media inquires?

2. I need to access an employee's email. What is the procedure for accessing electronic communications?

3. How do I report a (potential) data breach (SB1386)?

4. I have just been informed about a subpoena for electronic communications records. What do I do?

  • For subpoenas for electronic communication records (email or server transaction logs) contact the Interim CISO, Michael Story (310-20)6-8788 or Campus Counsel (310-20)6-6985.
  • If law enforcement is involved, please contact the Sergeant of Detectives at (310-82)5-9371.
  • Additional contact(s) for your area may be found on the List of Legal Process Coordinators.

5. How do I preserve documents for e-Discovery?

6. Where can I find out about copyright?

7. Where can I find information about the DMCA and (illegal) file sharing?

8. How do I report an IT security issue?

9. My department is interested in advertising on our site. What are the rules regarding advertising and acknowledgement on UCLA web sites?