Digital Citizens

As part of the fundamental concept in which leveraging information technology is a key component to furthering the mission of UCLA, the phrase "Digital Citizens" is defined as UCLA faculty, students, and staff who are enabled with:

  • The knowledge and skills to use IT to do the best possible research, scholarship, teaching, learning, service, and administration; and
  • The understanding that each has not only individual but also institutional responsibilities for the management, protection, and or availability of digital information. 

With digital citizenship come rights and responsibilities. Among the rights are: 

  • Digital connectivity wherever UCLA operates. 
  • Appropriate access to institutional data. 
  • Representation in the IT governance process. 

Among the individual and/or collective responsibilities are: 

  • Commitment to personal development of IT skills to apply evolving technology to the betterment of the UCLA digital community. 
  • Compliance with University policies regarding data security, intellectual property, and privacy. 
  • Commitment to the value of institutional data. 
  • Active participation in IT governance. 
  • Contributions to the financial support of shared institutional IT services. 
  • Facilitate institutional planning by providing information about campus IT needs, services and associated plans.