Vision and Priorities

UCLA’s vision for Information Technology for the next decade serves as the foundation for future planning and the ultimate goal for concerted action. It describes the future state to which we aspire and articulates four complementary and mutually supporting visionary elements that describe our collective aspirations for UCLA. 

UCLA Anytime, Anywhere

UCLA uses IT to increase its global intellectual impact by enabling scholarly interaction among its communities and collaborators, anytime and anywhere. 

IT Leadership and Innovation

UCLA is recognized as an innovator and leader in applying IT to advance its academic mission.

Digital Citizens

UCLA faculty, students, and staff are digital citizens with (1) the knowledge and skills to use IT to do the best possible research, scholarship, teaching, learning, service, and administration and (2) the understanding that each has not only individual but also institutional responsibilities with the management, protection, and or availability of digital information. 

Institutional Stewardship of IT Assets

UCLA employs an institutional perspective for managing IT that transcends and magnifies central, regional, local and individual IT capabilities, from the research group or department, to the campus as a whole, and the UC system or broader higher education community.