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IT Training

UCLA provides faculty, staff and students a variety of online, 24/7 educational tools, classes, and books that allows everyone with a UCLA ID to access just-in-time training including: 

  • Lynda.coman online software training resource that provides 2000 video tutorials on the latest software tools and techniques.
  • Safari Books Onlinea premier on-demand digital library providing over 12,400 technology, digital media, and business books and videos online.
  • Microsoft IT Academya subscription-based membership program designed to help schools offer students and faculty learning solutions for IT skills training and certification as well as technology essentials for professionals.
  • UCLA KnowledgeBasean information bank or knowledgebase to help faculty, staff, students and campus help desks get accurate, current info about technology, administration and library solutions in this increasingly interdependent environment.
  • UCLA on iTunes U: distributes digital content developed at UCLA via the iTunes desktop application.

Just-in-time training is a vital to all audiences and is extremely helpful to staff. Useful "bundles" of online functionalities identifies the steps and goals for individual success. Staff and others use it as a guide to understand what they really should know or be able to accomplish using technology, making the daunting task of “keeping up with technology” somewhat more manageable. For more information, contact the OIT Communications Group.