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Content App Platform mobile interface
CAP is an App Builder Platform

We help you build customized Mobile Apps

OIT’s Mobilize Labs team has the ability to design, build and deliver content driven customized mobile apps.  To do this we utilize a platform that the group created called the Content App Platform (or CAP). CAP leverages open source JavaScript frameworks to simultaneously construct both iOS and Android native apps that can be maintained more easily than coding directly in native code.  In addition, CAP is architected, to allow apps to dynamically pull data from the web-based Content App Platform .  Data that gets updated in the web CAP platform is dynamically deployed to the apps when they are opened on a native device.  This is useful, because it means that clients can keep content in a native app fresh and not have to re-code, resubmit and update native apps just to display refreshed data. 

Web Interface of our CAP system

The Content App Platform Web Interface

OIT’s Mobilize Labs team is launching a new department app builder that will allow departments to build and deploy native apps without having to code a line of iOS or Android code.  To find out more, contact us at