Mobile App Catalog

Tablets and smartphones displaying different apps
App Catalog software enables sharing across different catalogs

What is an App Catalog?

An app catalog is a way to connect all of your mobile friendly web properties with your campus native app resources.  List your mobile friendly website or tool today!  This is great for connecting your campus BOX app with your Athletics vendor's app and all of your campus tools.  It lets you embed a dashboard that can be personalized by your users so they only have the campus apps that they need.  It also allows for an app to app launch between separate mobile apps to happen.


App Catalog plugin for MOODLE

UCLA has written a Moodle Plugin that allows Moodle schools to launch our APP CATALOG as an LTI tool to allow instructors to select the tools they want to add to their courses from a "curated" set of approved tools. 


For questions regarding The APP Catalog, please contact Rose Rocchio at