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CASA (Community App Store Architecture) on Rails

Tablets and smartphones displaying different apps
CASA on Rails lets App Stoes share apps

What is CASA?

CASA, The Community App Store Architecture, is a mechanism that allows Universities’ Apps Stores to share Apps in a Peer to Peer network.  CASA on Rails is the most robust implementation of the IMS Glboal Community App Sharing Architecture or CASA protocol.  It is App Store software that allows the App Store Nodes to be "networked" and share apps across institutional boundaries.It has evolved out of UCLA's collaboration with IMS Global and has two core use cases:

CASA on Rails (COR)

Casa on Rails has been developed by UCLA and is the second reference implementation of the CASA Protocol.  It is available open source for use via the AGPL license and can be found in GitHub.


UCLA has written a Moodle Plugin that allows Moodle schools to launch CASA App Store itself as an LTI tool to allow instructors to select the tools they want to add to their courses from a "curated" set of approved tools. 

What is the CASA Protocol?

CASA (Community App Sharing Architecture) is a specification from IMS Global Learning Consortium that enables the sharing of curated digital content or learning activities between peers, making it easier to enhance an institution's LTI Tool learning ecosystem. In addition to sharing and discovery, the value of CASA is that it allows for app filtering based on privacy, accessibility, interoperability, Caliper™ and existing IMS standards to help educators create an effective teaching and learning environment.

For questions regarding CASA, please contact Rose Rocchio at