Collaborations and Communities

Logos from Communities MWS works with:  CCLE, CFTM, UCLA Mobile
Mobile and Web Strategy Communities and Collaborators

The MWS Team at OIT Participates in the UCLA CCLE Community

OIT's Moblie Web Strategy Team has been an active participant in UCLA's Common Collaborative Learning Environment CCLE initiative since its inception in 2006.  This history includes even prior phases of the analysis and planning effort of available learning environments as well as the planning of the current community structure.  OIT's Moblie Web Strategy, participates on the Common Infrastructure Group (CIG) and the monthly Standards and Practices Group (S&PG).

OIT partnered with TDG on the Code for the Mission App Competition

OIT partnered with the Technology Development Group for several years to put together a mobile app contest called 'Code for the Mission' App Competition.  We worked to offer faculty, staff and students an innovative collaboration environment that was innovative, exciting and fun, but doesn't require losing any sleep (see the definition of "hackathon").  The contest ran from the winter quarter through mid September and prizes were awarded at The Mobile Experience Conference Mobile Experience.  Teams would "Meetup" at events and form project teams. From there they could work all summer, with the final submission coming due on August 31st.  Prizes of $5,000 or more per track were presented at the Conference.

OIT coordinates the campus wide UCLA mobile Steering Committee

OIT coordinates the campus-wide UCLA Mobile Steering committee, to connect a user experience across all of UCLA's native mobile apps and mobile friendly websites. List your App in UCLA's App Catalog today at