Git & GitHub


Git is a distributed version control system capable of supporting almost any development workflow, and GitHub is a robust service that hosts Git repositories with additional tooling such as an issue tracker, wiki and pull request model meant to streamline collaborative workflows.

OIT's Mobile and Web Strategy Group manages the UCLA organization on GitHub, a prime location to showcase open-source projects developed on the campus. If you have questions about whether open source is right for your project or you are uncertain about how to get your project approved to be released open source? OIT's MWS Group is happy to consult with you regarding with these questions.  OIT works closely with UCLA's Legal team and Technology Development Group on software licensing issues.

Whether you or your department is open-sourcing a project or not, Git & GitHub can be a powerful toolset for any development project. Bringing years of experience to the table, OIT's MWS team is available for training to help others get started using Git & GitHub.  For consultation regarding streamlining development workflows using these tools contact Ed Sakabu at