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iTunes U Project

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The UCLA on iTunes U initiative at UCLA has been serving the campus for seven years.  With more than 2 million tracks downloaded, users from all over the world have enjoyed UCLA publically posted lectures and talks.  The UCLA instance of iTunes U has always provided faculty who wanted to record their lectures themselves and sync them with their presentations, a free place to host these collections online for their students either publically or privately.  A vast array of UCLA content is available for download today from these and many more units:  The Hammer Museum, UCLA Recreation, Student Affairs, The International Institute, Social Sciences Computing, The Center for Digital Humanities, The Graduate School of Education and Information Studies, Statistics, Ethnomusicology, CLICC, The Film and Television Archive, AASC and more.

Faculty and Staff can request to have their media (video, audio, and podcasts) posted publically or privately on by requesting a “collection” at UCLA on itunesU site.  Requestors will be contacted by their area’s media coordinator, who can be identified on that website as well.  To view or subscribe to this content, users do need to install iTunes on their machines, which works on all platforms.  For assistance with your iTunes U collection request, please contact Ed Sakabu at .