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UCLA's Mobile App Platform

The MWS group provides the campus with a data driven mobile app platform, that many of the campus's major apps are built with, for example, UCLA Mobile, UCLA Health, UCLA Neurosurgery and UCLA Psych.  This app platform is called the Zenith App Platform or (ZAP) and has been a Software-as-a-Service (or SaaS) model in the 'AWS' Cloud for several years.  Our entire backend is cloud-based.  We have taken tools we built for research and scaled them out for broader campus use. 


Some Mobile Platform FAQs:

Q:  How can I build an App?

A:  The easiest way is to use UCLA's Mobile Platform called ZAP or Zenith App Platform , to deploy your real time DATA DRIVEN mobile app. 


Q:  Need help publishing a mobile app?

A:  Contact the MWS Mobile Team at  .


Q: How can I better reach my audiences where they are... on their devices.?  

A:  Try out UCLA's Mobilize Labs messaging platform that lets campus units reach specific audiences through the UCLA Mobile app or their own specific departmental app. 


Q:  Do you wish you had a way to message users in real-time?

A:  Login to our messaging platform to request a FREE channel for your UCLA organization today!


Q:  How can I find an app or get my app into the UCLA Mobile App Catalog?

A:   Check out UCLA's mobile friendly app catalog and vetting platform