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UCLA's No Code App Platform
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UCLA's Mobile Platform is ZAP

The UCLA Mobile and UCLA Health campus apps run on our UCLA Built Zenith App Platform (ZAP). ZAP the Zenith App Platform is a fully featured 'NO CODE' mobile solution that allows you to quickly and easily create a DATA DRIVEN department, campus or university level app. You can use a mobile app to engage and energize prospective students, faculty, staff, your donors and alumni. Build and deploy your unique mobile experience to engage your audiences at all points in the UCLA experience, from their campus tour, to their orientation weekend, to gameday and reunions.

The ZAP platform has been built entirely by UCLA's MWS team for UCLA. Your data is in UCLA's private cloud. There are NO external agreements to deal with and we can customize your app to connect to your website as your need us to. 

ZAP Apps Available for iOS and Android

UCLA Mobile App IconUCLA Mobile
The UCLA mobile App provides a portal of UCLA's approved mobile apps, presenting a collection of UCLA’s most essential apps while also allowing individuals to personalize their own dashboard with additional UCLA apps that they want to include in their UCLA mobile app environment. UCLA Mobile also features the ability for users to choose their dashboard preferences so that content is specific for their role at the university. Users can sign up for message notifications, view resources, see news, and more. iOS | Android


UCLA Health App IconUCLA Health
You can now access UCLA Health from your phone! Search for providers, find locations, find clinical trials, receive valuable health & wellness info from the blog, and more. iOS | Android


Neurosurgery App IconUCLA Neurosurgery
The UCLA Department of Neurosurgery app is an educational tool for patients and their family and friends. The app serves as a comprehensive resource for preparation for neurosurgical procedures, department contact information, and local and onsite hospital amenities. iOS | Android


UCLA Psych App IconUCLA Psych

The Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital and the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior app is an educational and orientation tool for patients and their family and friends. The app serves as a comprehensive resource on available hospital and outpatient behavioral healthcare services, contact information, tools for caregivers, and local and hospital amenities. iOS | Android


The Office of Information Technology organization has created an app to showcase its available services to other UCLA departments, researchers, faculty, staff, students and beyond.
iOS | Android


ZAP Showcase App IconZAP Showcase
This app provides a wide range of examples of how the ZAP platform has been used in other apps to demonstrate what can be created in ZAP. 
iOS | Android

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