Mobile Data Collection

ohmageX logo alongside smartphones and a Mac
Mobile to Web Platform for Research and Instruction

OIT's Mobilize Labs team has been working on a Mobile to Web Platform for research and native client apps (iOS & Android) called ohmageX for several years. This platform enables the Mobilize Labs team to help researchers build Mobile Data Collection (a practice of leveraging mobile devices to collect data that is able to be captured "in the field") activities into their research studies. The breadth of data that can be collected includes both passive sensor data (GPS, time stamps etc.) and actively captured data such as "self-report" input or "observations from the field" such as images or video. These data collection activities take advantage of the native app capabilities and requires deep integration with device capabilities. The Mobilize Labs experts work with researchers to iteratively refine the customizable data collection instruments.  Reminders can be configured and customized as well. Finally, once the data is collected, a set of web based applications can be leveraged for analysis and visualization of the data, or custom dashboards can be built for a specific project.

If you are interested in using the Mobilize Lab's data collection platform for your research study, please contact Rose Rocchio at