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The Mobilize Labs Initiative

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Mobilize Labs Builds Cross Platform Native Apps

The Mobilize Labs Initiative focuses on supporting the campus community in leveraging and advancing mobile, web, and social media technologies for application-inspired technology innovation, and technology-inspired application evolution. The vision includes integrating and developing enabling software platforms, data practices, and methodologies, which will aggregate experience, evolving human behavioral processes and acting as an instigator, incubator, and collaborator to The Lab's partners and collaborators.

Information and communication technologies have achieved pervasiveness and ubiquity over the past decade (e.g., mobile phones, Google search, FB, twitter, online maps,…). As a result, almost every discipline that has as its focus, human beings, now has new channels for both understanding and effecting impact: psychology, education, economics, development studies, public health, medicine, art and architecture, and law. Each of these disciplines can now for the first time readily obtain data around individual and aggregate behaviors and phenomena that were previously inaccessible; and each can build on the ability to communicate with ‘instrumented populous’ when proposing policy and interventions. Mobilize Labs will enable students and staff, researchers and educators, to quickly, affordably, interactively, and iteratively explore how to use these new media in real settings to answer real questions with real people.

OIT's Mobile and Web Strategy, Education and Research group has been collaborating with Cornell NYC Tech Professor Deborah Estrin's ohmage team previously of UCLA's Center for Embedded Networking (CENS) for several years on making the ohmage platform cross platform resulting in clients called ohmageX. ohmageX/ohmage is a BYOD data collection and analysis suite of tools. 

These pilots are all running on the Mobilize Labs ohmage pilot system and custom survey instruments are developed along with custom website visualizations to accommodate specific needs. In addition, another of the major projects that this joint effort is supporting is ongoing research project called The Mobilize Project ( which is a broad collaboration involving UCLA's Graduate School of Education, and the UCLA Statistics Department).