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UCLA App Repository

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UCLA's app store is an ecosystem that is comprised of traditional websites, mobile friendly websites, native apps and cloud resources.  It provides a way to search across the vast collection of UCLA responsive design websites, native apps and cloud resources in a seamless way that curates campus content and educational resources.  The purpose of UCLA's App store is to deliver the best experience for the device that the user is on.   For example, if the user is on an Android device, and an Android app is available istalled, then that is what would be launched when the user wants to use that tool.

In the spring of 2015, UCLA launched the UCLA App Store.  The UCLA App Store is powered by CASA on Rails. CASA on Rails speaks the "CASA" protocol and lets Universities share resources in a peer to peer network, allowing our users a curated and trusted set of resources at their fingertips. CASA, The Community App Store Architecture, is an IMS Global standard that allows Independent apps stores to share apps in a peer to peer network.  CASA evolved out of UCLA's collaboration with IMS Global.

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