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UCLA Mobile Strategy

UCLA App Store and Responsive Design Dashboard
The UCLA App Store & Mobile Dashboard

Mobile Users want Curated Content

The World Wide Web is a vast repository of information with over 1 billion websites.  Mobile devices touch the Internet now more than any other type of device.  Universities need to be able to share mobile friendly apps and collectively "curate" cloud services across their campus environments in an ecosystem that includes all critical digital assets and tools.  Search engines do a reasonable job filtering on content, however, they are much less effective at filtering based on functionality and features.  As a primary example, they lack the ability to identify mobile-friendly sites.  On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have the vendor specific “app stores” that pervade the native mobile app landscape.  However this vendor driven model of content consumption limits the user community to a vendor managed and specific marketplace, where they take 30% of all revenue.  At UCLA we think that mobile software should come from a "Network" of independent "Creation Hubs" with their own "App Stores" that speak a standardized App Sharing Language called CASA the Community App Sharing Architecture.

A Cross Platform Strategy

UCLA supports a Mobile Strategy that is cross platform, working to make the maximum amount of content available to the broadest array of mobile devices.  The UCLA Mobile collaborative effort is governed by a campus wide group of stakeholders comprising the UCLA Mobile Steering Committee. The purpose of the UCLA Mobile Steering Committee is to guide, govern and prioritize the ever evolving campus cross platform UCLA Mobile app dashboard as well as it’s adjacent cross platform UCLA App Store (conformant to the IMS Global CASA protocol and powered by CASA on Rails).  The UCLA App store is eco-system of campus mobile friendly tools that can be shared with other institutions across the UC system and beyond.