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Regular Office Depot orders

Front Desk handles the ordering of most office supplies and equipment.  Regular orders are placed every other Wednesday. After the order is placed, the shipment usually arrives within 2-3 days.

Ordering new supplies

If you would like to order supplies, please e-mail the Front Desk with either a description of what you need or a link to the item that you want. If something you need is a rush order, please let the Front Desk know. The Front Desk cannot guarantee that the items will arrive on time for a rush order but will try its best.


Common items ordered:

Office Depot  Alta  Amazon 
Office Supplies: Pens, Paper, etc. Coffee  Miscellaneous Items 
Cleaning Supplies: Windex, Paper Towels, Swiffer Pads, etc. Tea Decorations           
Drinks and Other: Water, Soda, Creamer, Coffee, Sugar, Tea     


Note: Only orders to UCLA approved vendors will be accepted.

  • After sending the email, please allow up to two weeks for your item to be ordered. Front Desk will confirm that we have received your request and notify you when your item has been received.


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