Org Structure

OIT Org Chart

Our organization is comprised of seven distinct areas:

  • Software Central

    Software Central serves UCLA staff, faculty and students by centralizing software licensing and distribution for commonly used software.  By negotiating, acquiring, distributing, managing and supporting campus-wide licensing agreements, Software Central provides efficient and cost-effective delivery of software to the campus community.

  • Community Partnership Programs

    Community Partnership Programs' role is to work with and mobilize the community to develop, direct, and lead campus-wide community partnership programs to advance “digital citizenship,” support exchange of IT innovation and capability, and establish solution-based community partnerships within UCLA and the external community.

  • Mobile and Web Strategy, Education & Research

    The Mobile and Web Strategy (MWS) Group provides UCLA's academic and research community with emerging, accessible and leading edge mobile and web technology.  MWS focuses on mobile, wearable and sensor capabiliites, deploying with cross platform environments.   Additionally, MWS features accessible and custom website development, including advanced data visualization.  We also provide modern push messaging capabilities with the native apps we build.  Finally, we are experts at developing integrations with UCLA's single sign-on and registrar environments as well.  We have been thrilled to participate on recent and active grants with the NIH, NFS, and the VA. 

  • Research Technology Group

    The Research Technology Group (RTG) is comprised of a talented core of scientists, scholars, and post-doctoral researchers with areas of specialization and expertise that align with one of the five IDRE programs: High Performance Computing resources and expertise, Grid and Cloud Access Services, Cluster Services, the Grid Portal, and UCLA’s Data Center system. The RTG provides services and support aligned with the five IDRE programs.

  • Strategic IT Policy & Chief Privacy Officer

    The Strategic Policy Office shapes institutional IT policy, both driving the campuswide agenda for such policies and participating in the national discourse on IT issues of strategic concern to the academy. The Chief Privacy Officer is the point of contact at the university on matters concerning the privacy of individuals and of their information, and works closely with the many campus offices that have compliance or operational responsibilities for privacy; and with the Chief Compliance Officer of the UCLA Health System and the David Geffen School of Medicine.

  • Strategic Programs & Operations

    Strategic Programs & Operations is responsible for internal OIT/IDRE policies and ensures that the organization’s business practices are aligned with UC policies and comply with local, state, and federal regulations. The Operations Team also oversees the business relationships between OIT/IDRE and all internal and external clients and administers memoranda of understanding between OIT/IDRE and its partners.

  • Strategic Research Initiatives

    Strategic Research Initiatives is responsible for providing institutional leadership and support to coordinate and build campus capacity for innovative research and pedagogy through institutional coordination, alignment, and development of IT system requirements related to research computing and research data management. The area director also works to facilitate broad-based, campus-wide collaboration and coordination with all academic departments, administrative and academic support units, campus computing facilities, and media/communications offices to align research and research computing with institutional direction.