Angsana Parinayakosol
Software Central Coordinator
Phone: (310) 825-8037
Office Location: 5939 Math Sciences

Angsana Parinayakosol is part of the OIT Software Central, the group that helps ensure software licenses are properly issued and tracked at UCLA. At Software Central, Angsana does renewal tasks - including updating the software database, preparing forms, and testing renewal procedures. She also works with the technical side of agreements, getting files ready for ftp, doing basic technical support on software, downloading files from vendors and updating the OIT ftp site.

Angsana also distributes Microsoft Open Product keys and is the first contact for people in need of creating, renewing, or extending their cluster accounts. She archives old software and is the backup contact for OIT support.

When she's not handing out Microsoft Product Keys or issuing cluster accounts, Angsana can be found doing cross-stitch, singing in the choir, digging in the garden, or playing the piano. Best of all, she always seems to be smiling.