Vice Provost's Welcome

Jim Davis

Jim Davis is Vice Provost IT & CTO with broad responsibilities focused on UCLA’s academic research and education mission but building on his past position as Associate Vice Chancellor & CIO. Jim has responsibilities for UCLA’s Institute for Digital Research and Education (IDRE), public-private partnership IT programs, the Office of the Chief Privacy Officer, educational technology, and strategic academic data initiatives. Additionally, he has broad accountability for university-wide IT planning, governance and strategic investment in academic and administrative infrastructure, operations and services. 


Welcome to UCLA’s Office of Information Technology’s website. OIT is responsible for campus-wide information technology planning and policy, governance structures, stewardship of campus initiatives, and the Office of the UCLA Chief Privacy Officer. OIT reflects a vision and mission that focuses primarily on the academic ‘program’ impacts of our campus IT strategy. The term ‘program’ refers to frontline research, teaching and public mission, and to the direct institutional impacts with carrying research, teaching and service programs forward. OIT’s programmatic initiatives support and advance the research and educational mission of the University through its many collaborative partnerships that focus on:

  • Facilitating computational and data-oriented research at national leadership levels of capacity and competitiveness through the Institute for Digital Research and Education (IDRE);
  • Responding to changing patterns, expectations and technology in education through leadership in emerging mobile and web development and research, IT accessibility knowledge, and the intersection of learning and research;
  • Building a campus community of digital citizens, promoting university engagement in regional, national and international technology-related public-private partnerships; and
  • The establishment of research and education data as a foundational institutional asset.

My office has broad responsibility for the campus IT vision and strategic planning. We have approximately 60 full-time staff members including a management team of 4 directors. 


Smart Manufacturing

The Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition (SMLC), the nationwide non-profit organization co-founded at UCLA, was chosen to lead the new Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute in partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy. The Institute is the ninth manufacturing hub awarded by the Obama Administration.

Smart Manufacturing is the manifestation of converging customer, market and social forces that are changing a century-old mass production manufacturing model. California is well positioned as a nexus point of manufacturing, next generation information technology and progressive energy goals.

The Institute will focus on accelerating the development and adoption of advanced sensors, data analytics, and controls in manufacturing to increase energy efficiency in manufacturing while reducing the cost and time of deploying these technologies by half. In order to make the technology accessible and increase usability for companies, the Institute will use an open-access platform and technology marketplace to integrate advanced sensors, controls, platforms, and modeling technologies into commercial smart manufacturing systems.